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This Presidential election will be the most important election in our History to date it will determine if we as Americans conform to the World or Global Agenda and Relinquish our Established Freedoms to Foreign Country's Rule.

Obama has been setting the stage to bring America into the fold of Global Rule quietly and Secretively by Weakening our positions through out the World and diminishing our Military on every front he has apologized, succumbed to tyrants and strengthened them on every front by forcing our Military under his command to stand down and retreat on every front. Drawing Red Lines while never backing one up and no one calls him out on it. He claims its for our benefit while hiding behind his so called advisers he has had Hillary Clinton slowly selling out our interests to the highest bidders .

She has been making deals at our expense and promising to continue the status quo  of the  Obama agenda to foreign powers while putting a little extra in her own pocket under the guise of the Clinton foundation she has done this with her private server which she has erased to hide her dealings, we can only hope that she was hacked in the hopes that she is exposed before its to late.   

Our rights and Freedoms and our standing in the World has been diminished. The World see us and our Country with no Spine and one that doesn't stand up for itself or its Allies.  Obama and  Hillary Clinton  have succeeded in making most of the minority's dependent on hand outs, food stamps, government housing, inadequate health care, and destroyed our education system with political correctness. They have taken God out of our lives at every turn they have used the IRS and FBI to harass and disrupt American people that try to stand up to their agenda of making America a 3rd World Country and bring us under control of Foreign  entities. They have driven our Company's out of the Country by making it impossible for them to compete against the slave labor in other countries and made us the people dependent on their cheap junk, the Politicians have perfected the art of stealing our freedoms while making us believe they have our interest's at heart, do any of you really believe them? Its time to stand up and grow a spine think of your children that your allowing to be led into slavery there is no other America we can go to, or start. This is America this is our Country.

Do not allow the thieves in power to complete their task of Global Slavery while making you believe its in your best interest.  Donald has helped us start a movement, a revolution by the people for the people that are tiered of the thieves in Washington. This movement led by Donald Trump an outsider, no part a politician, who has had to pay them off and play their crooked game to succeeded in his life and has achieved the American Dream.

Donald has accomplished what most just dream of. He made it for himself, and doesn't need to take on our fight but he is and American like me and you that sees the crooks in power and what they have in mind, destroy the American dream for most if not all Americans.  Donald says enough is enough we don't need to be led by the nose to the slaughter of our dignity and loss of our individualism as Americans. The World needs us to stand up before its to late and show the World why we are Americans.

I owe and you it to America to stand up for everyone  that can't, and protect what we love and stand for. Individual Freedom to Worship God and Pursue Happiness not be controlled by a party that doesn't have our best interest but have their own idea of what's best for us as individuals. Everyone should never have their freedoms to achieve anything stolen by Socialists parading as our politicians.


The general public will strain at a gnat but swallow a camel as the media keeps feeding them lies and untruths to keep the powers to be in place. With scales on their eyes the masses will follow the present administration into the destruction of our free society and sell us into slavery for their own monetary benefit. I am amazed how easily they believe what the media feeds them as truth and amazed that the actions of our leaders and their out and out actions and lies are so easily dismissed. The world is ran by a few mega company's that own and control the media and our present administration, we the people are just sheep for their shearing. Your choice to remain free is at hand look up and vote for Donald Trump who in all his ill-mannered speaking and insulting to many with off the cuff statements give many pause, but speaks his mind and speaks the truth in so many of his statements.

If one was to examine his own self he would sound like the average American. I for one can still see his honest desire to keep us Free and Safe from the powers America originally broke free from and established ourselves as exceptional in a world ran by tyrants. Those same Tyrants want us to set back and behave and be like the rest of the world controlled by what they feed us through their media and take those freedoms that our fathers fought and died for so we could become truly free to believe and honor our God and beliefs without tyrants controlling our every aspect and thought in life.   So I ask you all to forget the Political Correctness that the present administration keeps trying to scold, shame and coheres you into believing is correct and Vote to keep us free.  Vote Donald Trump and put Hillary Clinton the thief and liar she is out of our lives she has plenty of money already she has stolen over $100.00 million that's chump change for what she has planned to steel, and again that's only money and she's going to sell your freedom to the highest bidder.

Don't let her steel and sell your Freedom of belief and your right to choose a better life for yourself and your children, don't settle for her promises of what she will give you it will lead to slavery just look and the other minority's in our country they have already been beaten back into slavery that they will never recover from the false promises of this administration and her kind. For those of you that can see the truth in these words I pray God continues to Bless and Comfort you and for those of you with scales over your eyes there is nothing that will comfort or bless you as you go forward only the continued yoke and stripes of your masters will be your lot in this life and the next. Feel free to forward this to friends and the haters they will be driven a little crazier with these words but shucks oh well its sucks to be a hater they deserve Hillary and the misery she will bring them and their family's.

Vote for Hillary to bring death to America and finally kill the American Spirit for good.

Its Donald he's the crazy one he's going to kill everyone, I am here to save you from this madman can't you see that !












































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